Who I am is not defined by what I do.

Who I am is defined by who God has called me to be.

It’s very important that you understand the statement above to fully grasp who Gillian Banta is. Ephesians chapter one tells me I am His daughter, I am redeemed, I am forgiven, and I am sealed by His Holy Spirit. The very next chapter tells me that I am saved by grace through faith, not by anything I have done or ever will do. The person I am today is not defined by my performance in the following areas. It is rather the way I respond to these callings that I am shaped.

I am a wife. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Chris, for 3 years. He is the gentle spirit to my chaotic day. He is an accountant, drummer, and D&D fanatic. He is disciplined, a servant, and the spiritual leader of our home. I am so thankful the Father chose me to be his partner. I’m the lucky one.


I am a momma. Our beautiful son, Ethan, was born July 23rd, 2017. He loves music, eating, and sleeping. He is my joy and my gift. I love watching him grow and discover. Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding calling so far. I’m humbled God is allowing me to experience a small taste of unconditional love through motherhood.



I am a worship leader. I have been apart of worship in church since a very young age, but it was 4 years ago that I felt the Lord ask more of me. I lead worship at various churches around the Colorado Springs area and love doing it along side my husband. The thing I love most about being a worship leader… the musicians. Whether I play with new people or old friends, I’m with my community. Music allows me to learn more about worshiping the Creator through the hearts of other musicians. I consider it a pleasure to lead along side others who share in my passion.


I am a piano teacher. I own a studio called G&C Music where I teach piano, mainly to young kids. I absolutely love my job. My students are amazing, their parents are amazing, and I get to be around music all day… and that’s just AWESOME! I can truly say that I get to do something I love each and every day.


I am a friend and a family member. I have 4 younger sisters and 1 little brother, a fantastic mom and dad, incredible in laws, and outstanding friends. The Lord has blessed me with amazing people to do life with!


These are the areas where God has placed me. I will never be perfect at any of them, but I am humbled to be used as a vessel for His glory and honor.